Host A Hive - #Beehavenproject 

You may not be able to change the World but you can make a Huge difference by helping a tiny creature called the Honeybee.  Honeybees are struggling in modern society due to several factors including pesticides which kill all insects including honeybees, mono crops which lack adequate nutrition, disease and pests are directly associated with pesticides and lack of nutrition that weaken the bees immune system.  To combat these issues it is crucial to have hives scattered throughout a geographical area. This is how they are found in nature in order to sustain a healthy population.  When thousands of hives are placed in one location the entire population of hives are exposed to these dangers at the same time causing higher mortality rates.

 This is where you can Help.  If you have an organic farm,  a pesticide-free large yard or garden, an area full of fruit trees or native flowering plants, a flat roof with flowering vegetation nearby, you have the perfect home for honeybees. We install a hive and colony which gives you the opportunity to have live experience with the Honeybee and to be part of the ecological benefits of a Hive .  Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.


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Honey Bee Hive

* Complete Hive

* Permanent Hive Stand

* Full Colony of bees


This package comes with full setup and by SkyLyfeADK and initial natural disease treatment.



Bee Removal

As soon as Spring is here, so are swarms of bees looking for new homes.  Occasionally bees will build a nest in a wall, fire wood pile, sheds, crawl spaces, attics or any other place a worker bee thinks is suitable.  If you find yourself with a swarm or colony of bees in or around your home, we can Help.  We offer chemical free, non-lethal removal of the bees.  We also provide repair work if needed from the bee removal.

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