Make This Space A Better Place

The U.S. generates approximately 230 tons of trash per day.  Less than 1/4 is recycled the rest is incinerated or buried in land fills.

We can all Make This Space A Better Place by following the R*3 System

R*3 Helps to minimize the amount of space needed for landfill sites

  • Reduce - the amount of waste you produce

  • Reuse - as much as you can

  • Recycle - wherever possible

As Apiarists, Lepidopterists, Conservationists and Artists, SkyLyfeADK is utilizing our skills to create practical items with an artistic flair  from recycled/re-purposed plastic, glass and wood that would end up in landfills.

We create custom pieces as we collect material.  Check out some of our pieces below.  We are able to engrave, wood burn, paint any image on wood or glass mosaics.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to consult with us on a custom piece of your own.

The Cure for Litter

Is You!

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