Adirondack Hives

SkyLyfeADK has custom designed their hives to give Honey Bees the best chance of Survival in Northern Climates. 

Each Hive is equipped with the following parts:

1 -  Base with screen board and varroa catch tray

2 -  10 Frame Supers - with 15 frames - 5 frames will be occupied by your nuc

      Bottom Super has a Telescoping entrance to deter robbing and for pest control

1 -  roof with vents

1 -  Insulation - feeding box


Full Adirondack Hive - Exterior hive, unfinished. $400

Full Adirondack Hive - painted white only $450

Full Adirondack Hive - Custom Painted Design $550



Custom Painted Hives

Hand Crafted Pollinator Habitats

Bee Condo

Carpenter, Mason, Bumble Bee


Little Brown Bat House


Bee Condo

Carpenter, Mason, Bumble Bee


Peterson Bird House


Maintenance Free - 5 Frame

Honey Bee Habitat


Contact Us at skylyfeadk@gmail or 315-276-8287 to place an order for one of our Habitats

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