Magical Monarchs

     Add to the Wonder of Your Special Day with one of our Majestic Monarch Packages. Aug. – Mid. Oct. Great for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Memorial Services etc.

Deluxe - Butterfly House with Live Indoor Garden.  Includes a Monarch Release of 50 Butterflies.

$750 and Up. Additional Butterflies $10 ea.

Premium - Personal Release of 20 Monarchs in a Decorative Handmade Wooden Box.

$300 Additional Butterflies $10 ea. Up to 35

Intimate - Individual Release of a Monarch in a Decorative Box.  $15 

Contact Us for a Consultation and Availability!

(315) 276-8287   

10 ft. X 30 ft.

               SkyLyfe ADK

         Magical Monarch Fundraiser


Fundraisers are important ways to raise awareness and funds for Organizations and Businesses.  Our Magical Monarch Fundraiser is a unique and memorable experience for all involved in Fundraising.  What you would do is a few months before your next fundraising event,  pre-sale the live Butterflies we provide to you for $10 or more dollars than you paid for them.  Customers/Donors pay ahead of time for their butterflies and purchase them in Memory of or in Honor of a loved one or just to support a good cause.  The Day of the event, the customers/donors attend the event location and release the butterflies they purchase.  Each butterfly will come in a decorative paper box, we do not think envelopes are humane and give our butterflies enough room to breath and move around.  It is a stunning sight to see 50+ butterflies released one by one from each box and fly away to the Heavens.  We include a Native American Belief about the Butterfly that adds to the Magic of the release.   We offer a 25% discount on our Butterflies to Non-profit organizations.

Book Now to ensure we can provide enough Healthy Monarch Butterflies for your Fundraising Magical Monarch release.

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Experience the Wonder of Metamorphosis

Live Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis for Sale. Live Chrysalis safely secured in a clear decorative container until emergence. Set in a secure lighted area in your home and watch your Butterfly be Born. $10 each Includes: Live Chrysalis, Decorative container, Directions on care and how to tell if your winged baby is a Boy or a Girl. This is not just an opportunity to witness a miracle but it helps to restore the dwindling population of Monarchs here in the U.S.A. Please message us with any questions, to place your order, or to see if we deliver to your area.  July - September  

SkyLyfeADK raised and released 814 Healthy Monarchs in 2018!

Be Part of the Flutterby Affect

We were able to rescue, rear and release 935 Healthy Monarchs in 2019!

253 Additional Monarchs were adopted and released by the Public!

Thank you for Caring for the Little things!!

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