SkyLyfeADK brings Children and Adults together in a natural atmosphere with our fun, interactive program series.  Our programs encourage important capabilities including empathy, collaboration, creativity and a hands on experience with the green spaces and creatures around us.  Our seasonal program series offers exciting activities to bring people closer to nature.  Join Us for a Green Adventure and become Friends of Nature.


April, May, June

Plant Propagation

Propagating plants is an inexpensive and easy way to get new plants from plants you already have. This asexual means of reproduction produces a plant that is genetically identical to its parent. There are a variety of plant propagation methods. SkyLyfeADK teaches you 4 techniques to start propagating your favorite plants this Spring.  June – Sept.

Class Outline

·         Cloning

·         Air Layering

·         Simple Layering

·         Compound Layering

Ages: 8+

Nature's Nest Egg

This Program was designed to bring awareness to the importance and fragility of eggs found in nature.  We provide Descriptions and Identification of creatures with eggs and how we can be guardians of nature and preserve a life.  Our Exciting Egg Race ends our class and leaves a lasting impression of he importance of Nature's Nest Eggs.

Ages: 8+


July, August, September

Meet The Honey Bee



Honeybees are the largest contributors in the process of pollination.  This Program was developed to share the amazing life of the Honey Bee and to debunk the vicious stereotypes associated with the nature of the honeybee.  We would love to introduce you to some of our girls.  Our safe viewing hive allows you a birds eye view of some members of the colony.

Ages: 10+


Butterflies 101



Butterflies are valuable contributors to Our Environment and each year more than two million acres of habitat are lost, resulting in diminishing populations.  Skylyfeadk believes big or small, we all can do something to help.  Our Butterflies 101 Program offers everyone a unique opportunity to learn about the Butterfly their life stages and meet a caterpillar or butterfly in person. 


Ages:  5+   Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult


August , September, October

Woolly Bear Wonders

Woolly Bears are some of the few creatures crawling around on the ground in Fall awaiting their metamorphosis in the coming Spring.  We offer a Fun and Interactive way to meet the Woolly Bear and the amazing way they survive Winter as well as the miraculous creatures they become late in the Spring.  Join us as we share our love for the Little Things and meet our Woolly Bear Family.  Pick the fastest Woolly Bear in our Woolly Bear Race and Win a prize.

Ages: 5+

Creature Camouflage

This program offers people the chance to discover a powerful natural concept: Camouflage!  This is a fun interactive way to learn how camouflage works and what it means for the animals and plants in the environment.  Our program helps hone visual sensory skills and encourages a closer look at the world around us. We promote a hands on approach to the concept of camouflage that naturally enables connections between the color of an object or animal and its surroundings.

Ages: 8+

Our Programs are designed to be an Amazing Interactive Learning Experience and are adjusted to suite the age of the attendees.

Each Program is $250 for approx. 30 attendees.

SkyLyfeADK Special Educational Programming 2020

Presented at The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

 Every Monday Starting June 22 - October 12

What's The Buzz? - bee basics, identification, biology

Calling All Pollinators - facts and need for World pollinators

Nature Knows Best - all natural beekeeping practices

Backyard Buzz - native bee identification, habitat restoration

Butterfly Beginnings - life cycle of butterflies

Monarch Madness - all about Monarchs, habitat, pesticides, etc.

What's That Butterfly - Native butterfly identification, habitat

Night Flyers - moth identification, life cycle, habits

Moonlight Farmers - pollinating bats around the World, foods the pollinate

Going Batty - little brown bat habitat, conservation, place in the food chain

Flying South - migrating pollinators

Snow Birds - local Winter bird identification, habitat, Winter feeding

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