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Thank you for visiting our Website.  SKYLyfeADK was born out of Love for the tiny lifekeepers, we call bees and butterflies.  It is our mission to bring awareness to the these creatures, in hopes of conserving their lives and global importance.  We offer non-invasive Services that help in the conservation of their existence and continued growth in population, including Humane non-lethal removal of swarms and hives as well as Hive Installation Services.  These services help in conserving and expanding local populations as well as having a massive impact on our quality of life.  We also offer a variety of fun and interactive Programs for all ages.  We love to share the magic of these tiny creatures.

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Sky Life Making a Difference
Pollinating Partners

Helping Local Farmers, Businesses and Neighbors with Hive Setup and Maintenance.  Check out our Services tab or contact us to be placed on Our Pollinating Partners List.

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A Helping Hand

 We were able to save over 3700 caterpillars before their habitat was destroyed by road construction.  All but 2 were raised and released as adults.

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Staying Alive

The average Exterminator uses an insecticide to kill and remove pests and pollinators alike.  Our method is Chemical Free and Non-Lethal.  We remove and return pollinators back to their natural environment.

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The Best way the average person can help pollinators is by replacing and providing habitats that support them.  SkyLyfeADK collects, packages and gives away common milkweed and mixed flower seeds that we give away at events we attend.  It is our way to get the public involved in pollinator conservation and to feel the joy of knowing you gave a helping hand.

In 2019 we have given away 233 packets of common milkweed and 158 packets of Mixed flower seeds.