Sky Lyfe

The Pollinator Experience


Come and Experience the Magical Lives of Pollinator

Take a Tour through Our Indoor Butterfly Garden - View live caterpillars, chrysalides and Adult Butterflies.

We offer the Public a Door into the Heart of Conservation

Take Photos next to our Giant Outdoor Pollinator Exhibits and Enjoy the added Virtual Accents.

Fun for Ages: 1-100

Admission: By Donation

You can present your donation at the entrance of Sky Lyfe

Proceeds go towards Continued Conservation Efforts.

If you would like to support our Mission, you can use the QR code below to make a donation .

We truly appreciate your Support and We hope you will visit us this Summer.


Be Part of Citizen Conservation Family


Our Adopt A Monarch Program is Available at the Entrance of Sky Lyfe or you can arrange a pick up at our location.


Sky Lyfe is located at:

977 Springfield Rd.

Wilmington, NY

Enter Sky Lyfe from the Parking area of The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

You can contact us at:

The Adirondacks is a beautiful place to visit:  If you want to know what else there is to do click the link below: )



The Best way the average person can help pollinators is by replacing and providing habitats that support them.  SkyLyfeADK collects, packages and gives away common milkweed and mixed flower seeds that we give away at events we attend.  It is our way to get the public involved in pollinator conservation and to feel the joy of knowing you gave a helping hand.

2018- 175 packets of common milkweed and 122 packets of mixed flowers

In 2019 we have given away 233 packets of common milkweed and 158 packets of Mixed flower seeds.  

2020- 136 packets of common milkweed and 110 packets of mixed flowers

2021- 184 packets of common mildweed and 136 packets of mixed flowers

Thank you to all of you wonderful people for requesting and planting vital habitat for Pollinators