Wild Lives Matter

SkyLyfeADK has a heart for all creatures we share the Earth with.  We utilize our skills to provide natural enrichment items for animals in captivity and creatures struggling in nature due to habitat loss .  We believe animals belong in their natural environment but in the rare cases they are not able to return to the wild, we do our best to replicate their natural habitat and create pieces that promote healthy natural behaviors.  We work with Nature Centers, Zoos, Animal refuges and Animal Conservation organizations to build enclosures and enrichment for birds, mammals & reptiles alike as well as replacement habitat for pollinators specifically.  Extensive knowledge of ZAA and DEC Regulations.

If you care for wild animals in captivity we would be happy to consult with you to create enrichment pieces that suit the type of animals you give refuge to. 

Below are some examples of enrichment we can replicate for you or ask us to create your own vision piece.








Partner's & Projects

The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

Fisher Enclosure

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