Bees and Butterflies
Pollinate 90% of the 
World's flowering plants.
1 out of 3 bites of food 
you eat is due to a 
Monarch life Cycle
Monarch Migration
Finish Line

The egg hatches in about 4 days.  The caterpillar then eats milkweed for 2 weeks.  The caterpillar is inside the Chrysalis for about 10 days then hatches as a Butterfly.  An adult butterfly lives 2 - 6 weeks.

Monarch Butterflies take five generations to complete a migration cycle.  During their migration they stop millions of times to eat, pollinating the entire time.

Hundreds of millions of Monarch Butterflies journey up to 3000 miles each year from the United States to their Wintering grounds in Mexico.

Honey Bee Life Cycle

The Honey Bee emerges with a purpose and goes directly to work. It will spend every minute of its life, 4-5 months working continuously.

World's Hardest Workers

Bees are the largest contributing Pollinators. Honey Bees transfer pollen between 5 thousand flowers a day per Worker Bee.

The Big Pay Off

In order to produce 1 pound of Honey, 2 million flowers are visited. A hive can produce up to 100 pounds of Honey in a year.

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